Marvellous Mini Palms, Day 68/Trip 2019, 4th July

Purnululu (more photos to follow, there are some!) Visited the amazing Echidna Gorge, and despite having visited with Rob, still managed to screw up the photography.  By virtue of timestamps on previous photos, was able […]

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Bungle Bungle Re-Bound (Purnululu), Day 67/Trip 2019, 3rd July

Home Valley Station – Purnululu (Bungle Bungles), Kurrajong Campsite (340kms) A day travelling with brief stops at Emma Gorge Resort (for network), Doon Doon Roadhouse (for pies), turnoff to Purnululu (to deflate tyres), and Purnululu […]

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Home Valley Station, Day 66/Trip 2019, 2nd July

I was up at daybreak to go fishing on the Pentecost. Duncan got up at the same time, and did the Bindoola Gorge walks; sounds like he did every possible walk over the 3.5 hours […]

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El Questro Day Trip, Day 65, 1st July

Home Valley Station – El Questro – Home Valley Station We decided to do a day trip to ElQ, and do the eponymous Gorge walk. At the start of the walk, we met the delightful […]

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Home Valley Comforts, Day 64/Trip 2019, 30th June

Munurra Campground – Gibb Road – Home Valley Station (320kms) Our day began with a visit to an Indigenous cultural site, and we wandered about the rocky landscape exploring the various caves and hollows.  It […]

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Mitchell Madness in the Midday Sun, Day 63/Trip 2019, 29th June

After a quick brekkie, we were on the road, bound for the Mitchell Plateau.  We were jogging/jigging along at about 60kph on the heavily corrugated road/track, and were passed by someone doing 90kph+. So, I […]

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Heaven at King Edward River (despite) name, Day 62, 28th June

Drysdale Station – Munurra Campsite (King Edward River) After our long drive the previous day, it was a delight to drive the short 107km to the King Edward River and the Munurra campsite.  I say […]

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Dash to Drysdale, Day 61, Thursday, 27th June

Parry Lagoons – Wyndham – Ellenbrae Station – Drysdale Station (350kms) Our plan was a short day’s drive to El Questro, so we dropped into Wyndham Bakery for some croc pies. Rob sent me an […]

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Parry Creek Farm, Day 60, Wednesday, 26th June

Parry Creek Farm – Marglu Billabong – King River Road – Marglu – PCF Spent the morning photographing birds at Marglu Billabong. We took a back road to camp, which was fun if unexciting. Had […]

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Wild track to Wyndham, Day 59, Tuesday, 25th June

Our plan was to go to El Questro via the Ivanhoe Crossing, Parry Lagoons and Wyndham.  We crossed the Ord River at Ivanhoe Crossing, which is exciting as part of the causeway doesn’t have bollards, […]

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