Australia 2018 Trip

This trip was made in 2018 between 19th May and 7th August (80 days), and covered approximately 9700 miles (15600 kilometres). The trip started in Melbourne, and ended in Darwin. This is the first of a series of N “smaller” trips (N=5, probably) around Australia that will be undertaken over the next N years.

See the BLOG on this site for a detailed (almost) day to day journal of the trip, together with photos, video and “reader” comments. The blog was orginally written on Facebook, but I have transferred it here as it is much easier to maintain a linear narrative in a bespoke website. I have posted a gallery of some of my favourite photos from this trip at the bottom of this page.

Thanks to the following people who accompanied me on the trip: Peter Harper, Jack Harper, Robert Harper, Duncan Harper (there is a theme emerging), and Graham Cottew. Thanks to the many people we met on the trip and who made it such an amazing and interesting experience. Thanks to the following people for the invaluable help they gave me: Andrew Wade, Judy Harper, Gerry Coates (Cannon Toyota, Melbourne), Mick Guest (Guest 4WD, Melbourne), Jennifer Gawne, Travis Mark, and Mic Bellis.

Click for interactive Google Map (as shown below)