Massacre at Pine Creek, Day 75/Trip 2019, 11th July

Before leaving Katherine, we headed to Katherine Gorge. As we were leaving the campsite, I realized we were very low on fuel (less than 80km range), and as I checked, a warning light came on regarding low oil levels. I cracked the hood, and seconds later a guy stopped to offer assistance. He was a helicopter pilot with Helispirit, and soon had me doing the right thing: turn off the engine before checking oil. He asked me when I had last checked the oil; I hadn’t checked it since the car was serviced in Darwin at the start of the trip. Now, in colder northern climes, that is probably ok (probably). But, in hot conditions, one needs to check oil etc much more frequently! He advised an immediate return to Katherine, and recommended we buy oil at Repco, which we did. We also refueled. We later ran into him on a track to Edith Falls.

At Katherine Gorge, we did the short walk to the lookout, which had stunning views up the gorge, and down the river (no mobile photos). We were joined by an older lady, who said she was just getting acclimatized for a 5day, 50km+ organized walk she was doing from Katherine Gorge to Edith Falls! Gutsy!

We travelled a relatively short distance to Pine Creek, where we had booked a cabin. On the way, we visited the delightful Edith Falls, and the upper falls were best.  It was a steepish and hot walk to these falls, but well worth it (see photos).

We had booked into the Old Railway Resort, where Graham and I had stopped for pies last year. The reason we booked a room was to get access to Foxtel (gasp!) and the Cricket World Cup semi-final between Australia and England.  We settled down with beers to watch the match. What a complete and utter fiasco; Australia played woefully and England were at their very best. It was truly a sporting massacre of epic proportions, and thankfully I fell asleep at some point, and missed most of the England innings.  Anyway, congratulations to England for ultimately winning the World Cup; grits teeth – we will be hearing about it for the next 20 years!

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