Marvellous Mini Palms, Day 68/Trip 2019, 4th July

Purnululu (more photos to follow, there are some!)

Visited the amazing Echidna Gorge, and despite having visited with Rob, still managed to screw up the photography.  By virtue of timestamps on previous photos, was able to predict to the minute when the best part of the gorge would light up, and I managed to be somewhere else taking less than stellar photos.  It was funny – I had stopped at the best photographic point, and set up my tripod. And, within minutes, there were twenty people or so waiting for the show to begin. But, at that stage, I was 30 minutes too early, and they all drifted away, as did I.

Oh well; it aint all about photography. And, the gorge is incredible as the midday sun filters in from above.

After lunch, we did a walk that someone had dismissed as not that great, the Mini Palms Gorge walk.  But, some Scots had raved about it, so we took their advice. It was a super walk beside rocky crags, then following a creek bed strewn with conglomerate rocks, and finally winding up a steep gorge choked with palms (and their offspring, the so-called mini palms).  We ran into a family we had met earlier, and the son had identified us as the “Patriot guys” (they, too, had a Patriot camper trailer).

Duncan cooked us a steak dinner, and the steak was cooked to perfection.  Much appreciated, once Duncan had roused me from my late afternoon nap

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  1. John Hughes 10/07/2019 at 20:39 #

    The second is my favourite. Spectacular gorge, but hard to photograph! When we were in Antelope Canyon X, they didn’t ALLOW tripods, so we had to rely on handheld bracketing/HDR merging. Got some nice ones, though.

    • harperdj 15/07/2019 at 21:39 #

      Tough without a tripod but I find I am more creative without one .. or feel so, anyway .. tripods do tend to anchor one in one place.

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