Litchfield National Park, Day 77/Trip 2019, 13th July

That morning, we explored the various pools and campsites along Walker Creek.  You are able to book one of eight campsites, if you are prepared to schlep your gear from the carpark to the site.  I was impressed that many families had opted to do this, and sometimes with quite young children. There were some super swimming holes, and Duncan and I took a dip in pool 7 and 6.  After lunch, we visited Wangi (pronounced .. many different ways) Falls, and it was mobbed. Despite this, it was a beautiful place, and we swan across the wide pool to the falls and back (in fact, Duncan did it three times).

After dinner, we built a campfire, and enjoyed our last evening before returning to civilization.  A young Indian boy wandered over and we explained how we had bulit the fire. He insisted that he and his familiy would “never do that.”  His Mum joined us, and we were introduced to Devanne and Purvie. Devanne was a funny, wee chap and didn’t really want to leave and go to bed.

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