Litchfield from the Wild Side, Day 76/Trip 2019, 12th July

Pine Creek  – Surprise Creek – Litchfield Safari Camp (200kms)

We made towards Daly River as our planned route was from the south into Litchfield National Park using a 4WD track.  The landscape and vegetation was decidedly different, changing from desert savannah into almost temperate savannah, and later monsoon rainforest (in the creeks).

The track was relatively good with the occasional stretches of deeper sand.  The trick was to keep up the momentum at all times, and just keep going in the sand.  We passed someone going south, and they looked at our rig, and basically said “no worries, mate!”. Turns out they were taking a shortcut from Darwin to the Daly River!  We visited Surprise Creek and spent some time swimming in, and jumping into, the pools below the falls. It was relatively uncrowded as it is only reachable by 4WD. We were told there were few campsite available further north, but decided to push on.  The next campground was full, and it was only 2PM!

The landscape was stunning, lots of greenery and palms, and numerous termite mounds, some very large.

We emerged from the track – forgot to increase our tyre pressures (duh!) – and decided to try for a campsite at the grandly named Litchfield Safari Park.  It turned out to be a rather faded caravan park, but there were plenty of nice grassy sites available, and we liked it very much. It didn’t have a swimming pool, a coffee bar, or multiple toilet and shower blocks.  So, it was uncrowded and very pleasant. We dropped the trailer off and went to the nearby Litchfield Cafe for a late lunch of Chicken and mango wraps, mango cheesecake and coffee. So, not completely roughing it!

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  1. Peter harper 15/07/2019 at 21:25 #

    Fantastic photos of Australian landscape …

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