Home Valley Station, Day 66/Trip 2019, 2nd July

I was up at daybreak to go fishing on the Pentecost. Duncan got up at the same time, and did the Bindoola Gorge walks; sounds like he did every possible walk over the 3.5 hours he was on the track.  Meanwhile, down at the river, it was a beautiful, hot day, but the fish were reluctant to bite. There were 4 people fishing, and between us we managed a small barra, a catfish (me), and a “keeper” barra.  So, I was unable to repeat my feat of a few weeks earlier.

Duncan and I spent the afternoon lounging around the pool, and generally relaxing.  We were delighted to see Nadine again, and she invited us for drinks down at her campsite on the Pentecost River.  The views across the river to the Cockburn Range was fantastic, and we watched some Indigenous people fishing, and to my mind risking their lives close to the croc-infested river.  But, hey, they have probably been doing that for thousands of years.

After a few glasses of wine, we couldn’t be bothered cooking, and besides I had said we would eat barra.  So, we had barra at the restaurant – delicious – and not a chip in sight – totally keto!

Sundowners on the Pentecost River with Duncan Harper and Nadine. Thanks for photo, Nadine.
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