Home Valley Comforts, Day 64/Trip 2019, 30th June

Munurra Campground – Gibb Road – Home Valley Station (320kms)

Our day began with a visit to an Indigenous cultural site, and we wandered about the rocky landscape exploring the various caves and hollows.  It was amazing: beautiful pieces of art tucked away in corners; wonderful natural archways, and an encounter with 3 human skulls in small cave.

This was followed by another big day’s drive to Home Valley Station.  The return to the Gibb River wasn’t nearly so scary in the daylight, nevertheless it was still 165kms of corrugated road, which requires concentration. Duncan took the wheel once we were back on the Gibb.  As we neared HVS, we had wonderful views of the Cockburn Range in the late afternoon sun.

Our arrival at HVS was somewhat fraught, as I attempted to back the trailer into a tightish space, and words were exchanged.  But, we soon got over that, as we tucked into a chicken parma dinner at the restaurant, accompanied by a glass or 3. [Note: this was a far better use of the $170 I saved on the helicopter flight 🙂 ]

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