Final Destination Darwin, Day 78/Trip 2019, 14th July

Litchfield -Darwin (120 kms)

That morning I was determined to teach Devanne how to build a fire.  So, I called him over, and explained that we were going to build a fire.  I got him to help: screwing up the paper; breaking small sticks, and arranging them in a tent-shape.  Anyway, we soon had a great little fire going, and I said it was a shame we didn’t have sausages, a theme that Devanne riffed on for a while. Duncan and I got started on breaking camp, and Devanne watched.  At some point, he decided he wanted a car and camper trailer like ours, and further decided that these could be obtained in “Darwin Street”. Such a laugh, as he solemnly described how each thing could be easily bought in “Darwin Street”.

Duncan and I visited “Buley Rockholes”, where we swam and jumped in from the rocks.  Then, we visited Florence Falls, which we reached via 400+ steps down into this lushly vegetated monsoon rainforest – really beautiful – but again the falls very crowded.  We walked out via Shady Creek, which was in deep shade and again very lush and jungle-y. And yet, moments after leaving the valley, we were in dry savannah woodlands.

Our run to Darwin was uneventful, and we checked into our Airbnb apartment, and so began the long process of cleaning and packing up (almost 2 full days), before our return to Scotland. It was a huge pleasure travelling with my lovely son, Duncan, and a lot of fun, Thanks, Duncan for your company.

I will add one further post later, where I will try to capture my main impressions of the trip.  The eagle-eyed among you will note the trip was 78 and not 77 days, and in that time I drove almost exactly 13,000kms.

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