Cathedral Gorge, Day 69, 5th July

We got up very early, and we were the second car to arrive in the southern car park.  After a brisk 2km walk, we had the “cathedral” to ourselves for about 20 minutes, then shared it with a delightful South African couple (Steve and Tanya), now living in Esperance, WA.  It is a beautiful rock formation, and as my video hopefully shows, is very much like a cathedral. We heard that at various times people had arrived to hear someone singing “Hallelujah”, and to hear someone playing a didgeridoo. 

On our way back to camp, we came across two lads whose car was broken down, and I am afraid to say looking terminal, namely the suspension had basically fallen off!  We called the Park HQ on UHF, and told them about the breakdown. Given how remote we were, I surmise a very, very expensive towing bill.

I had to make some “bush repairs” to the car, as the “bash plate” was hanging loose. This was the plate that was replaced in Alice Springs, and the metal had fatigued and cracked in exactly the same place, where it attached to the chassis. Following “Pete from Geelong’s” excellent example, I used one piece of metal as a butterfly clip, and on the other side I secured the plate with a cable-tie and with twisted wire. The repair lasted until we got to Kununurra, where they simply added some self-tapping screws.

Late afternoon, we went to the sunset lookout, where we met another “Steve”, a photographer, and we swapped advice on landscape photography (well, in truth, Steve told me how he was planning to photograph the cliffs in the sunset). After dinner, I returned to the same place to join Steve in some astrophotography, and we did some experiments with light painting trees (which was fun).

White trail from ground level to mound: termites collect spinifex at ground level!
Bush repairs
Chillie Night!
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