Bungle Bungle Re-Bound (Purnululu), Day 67/Trip 2019, 3rd July

Home Valley Station – Purnululu (Bungle Bungles), Kurrajong Campsite (340kms)

A day travelling with brief stops at Emma Gorge Resort (for network), Doon Doon Roadhouse (for pies), turnoff to Purnululu (to deflate tyres), and Purnululu Ranger Station (to pay campsite fees).

There are rather dangerous single track bridges on the Great Northern Highway, and you are exhorted to slow down, and prepare to stop, for obvious reasons. The road is heavily used by road trains, and these guys announce their arrival at these bridges over the UHF radio, basically saying: I am coming through, and I am not planning to stop.  In fact, many of the drivers are super helpful, and advise you when it is safe to pass them. This is only “relatively safe” as they travel at 100kph, right on the speed limit of cars with trailers, and they are over 100’ long.

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