The Canning Stock Route, Day 45/Trip 2019, Tuesday, 11th June

Back to Mulan to pay our camping fees before continuing clockwise around Lake Gregory, which incidentally we hardly saw – both because it is dry and because it is a long way from the track.

We took a walk down a riverbed about 2kms in the very hot sun, passing anthills, ghost gums, and very little else, apart from a flock of galahs. It was fascinating to find freshwater mussel shells, so clearly it does rain and the lake does fill. The track traversed a variety of landscape: bushland, green and yellow grasslands, claypans, salt pans, and the dry lake bed of one arm of the lake, and finally sand dunes. It was a super track, and after 75kms we reached the famed Canning Stock Route (CSR).

Rob drove over the massively corrugated CSR, north-east back towards the Tanimi.  We came across Brad, Gary, et al, and they pointed out a herd of wild camel out “in lake”. One of the ladies asked if we were enjoying the trip; they wondered as we were going so fast. They had dubbed us “The Brothers” or possibly “The Fast Brothers”. Stopped for a late lunch at Dingo Well bore; a delicious ham salad. We rejoined the Tanimi Track/Road, and proceeded to Wolf Creek Crater, with just enough time to see the sunset. Rob cooked another excellent steak dinner.

Handover Site: Lake Gregory
Lake Gregory (dry chuckle)
At the Canning Stock Route
People and Camels
Maybe dawn the next day?
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