Taking a breath, Day 30/Trip 2019 (Monday, 27th May)

Up early, well earlish, to drop Pete at the airport.  He is going to Melbourne to catch a the first gig of his son’s, Jack’s, band (Sketches, IG: sketchesband). After that, a slow day – had to move from a powered to unpowered site – no biggy – in fact, turned out my third night was free; excellent!  Took photos at sunset of the “Big Rock”, and enjoyed the fabulous view of the Milky Way over the comparatively dark campground. Chatted to a photographer at the sunset “shoot”, and he offered a few tips … keep camera level and crop; play with your settings (and position if you can); and specifically bracket exposures; and change lens for some variation.  OK, so I do most of these things, but still good to be reminded.

Sketches – First gig (Melbourne)
Worse packed tent ever (short move)

Just thought I would say a few words about writing this blog.   It is odd – you think you are up-to-date – having recently written 3 posts in one day.  And, here I am, a couple of days later, and 4-5 days behind. Where does the time go? It helps to be writing this at the “Tea Shrine” in Alice Springs that makes excellent coffee, and delicious coconut and yam mini-cookies.  So, I may not write every day, but I do make very sketchy notes in a G-document (which has a great offline capability). I then supplement my memory by checking my/our route on the map,and by reviewing my photos. Somehow, through this slightly chaotic process, a post emerges.

Blogger “at work”
Workstation on the move
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  1. Mashhuda Glencross 08/06/2019 at 22:07 #

    Aaaand for your next trick, a tour of Australia’s most remote coffee shops – ha ha! Stunning big rock photo.

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