Ross River Resort, Day 38/Trip 2019 (Tuesday, 4th June)

Ross River Resort – Ruby Gap – Ross River Resort (160kms)

I decided to drive to Ruby Gap, a comparatively short trip of approximately 80kms.  That said, 35kms of that was over fairly rough tracks, and the final 5kms was a serious piece of 4WD-ing through sand and across rocks.

Ruby Gap was named after the red stones found there, believed to be rubies, but in fact comparatively worthless garnets.  It is amazing to pick up a handful of river sand, and see the tiny pink/red garnets glittering in the sun. The gap was beautiful with a wide, stony riverbed, shallow pools surrounded by bullrushes, and red sandstone bluffs.  A 4km walk up the riverbed took me to Annies Gap, with its shaded waterhole between high cliffs, and home to tiny ducks.

I had dinner with Stef and Adrienne, and we continued our campfire chat over a beer or

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  1. Lesley Ellis 13/06/2019 at 07:18 #

    Lovely pictures, at the moment it is wet, windy, dull, and dismal here. I have just walked round my patio talking to my poor battered plants! Send us a bit of your sunshine.

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