Return to Alice, Day 33-36/Trip 2019 (Thursday – Sunday, 30th May – 2nd June)

Alice Springs and thereabouts

I have decided to just highlight a few things as I am basically chilling in A/S.

Happy birthday Peter Harper!


Straightforward run from Rainbow Springs with the return to the highway somehow much less intimidating – always true of the return run along a 4WD track.

Arranged for some repairs to ARB “radiator protector plate” on warranty – hopefully the replacement will arrive soon.  Went to a super coffee place in a van (“The Coffee Horse”) near ARB and ordered delicious toasties. There is a theme emerging for this stopover.


Freezing cold night in the rooftop tent so decided to lash out and rent a basic cabin with heating – bliss! Apart from that, really SFA!


Prepared a full Scottish-Aussie breakfast minus the black pudding, and enjoyed it in the almost warming sunshine. To give you some idea, nighttime temperatures between 3-6C, and daytime around 17-20C. For my American friends, please convert to metric units, elect anyone but OrangeManWithLittleHands for President, and push for enacting some other badly needed laws, which I know many of you ache for.

Back to my favourite coffee place in A/S, “The Tea Shrine”, for a spot of blogging.


Lovely slow start to Sunday at the Watertank Cafe, listening to “Little Things” (the actual name of the band) playing and singing sweet, lyrical songs – perfect for a mellow Sunday – with coffee.

Headed west along Larapinta Drive with the West MacDonnell ranges unfolding in front of me.  South along the Owen Springs 4WD track that traverses an old cattle station, now a national park.  The photos will give you an idea of the countryside – low key and delightful.

Haunted Tree Bore

Highlight of the day: photographing wedge-tailed eagles tearing a freshly killed kangaroo to pieces – will share results as soon as I can. The kangaroo was likely killed by a car.

And, now, I am almost up to date!

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  1. Lesley Ellis 03/06/2019 at 03:05 #

    Nice pictures – looks so warm and sunny, hard to believe you are freezing at night! Very grey and dull over here at the moment. Weeds growing as big as trees overnight! Bring back some sunshine when you come.

  2. Hamish 03/06/2019 at 16:32 #

    Enjoy your chilling session……….looking forward to seeing the photos of the kangaroo being eaten by Eagles ! ??

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