A “Big Day”, Day 41/Trip 2019 (Friday, 7th June)

Ross River – Alice Springs – Tanimi – Newhaven (432 kms)

Left Ross River for the third time, and decided to pay a return visit to Trephina Gorge with Robert, having first visited with Bruce Croft about 3 weeks ago. We re-did the gorge rim walk, in the reverse direction, and it was just as good second time round.  Funny, when you do a walk in reverse, it is (almost) an entirely new walk – certainly different views.

We then stopped at the largest etc ghost gum, and Rob cooked an excellent breakfast.

Back to Alice, for more shopping “heaven”, as Rob did the shopping and I sat in my favourite coffee shop.  Soon turned to hell, as we realized we would not be able to purchase alcohol for our Tanimi Trip: alcohol sales only start after 2PM!

Took the Stuart Highway north from Alice, then branched off north west onto the dreaded Tanimi Road, a road renowned for hellish corrugations, but acknowledged as a fast route from Central Australia (NT) to The Kimberleys (WA).  We had 1055kms of corrugated road to look forward to until we reached Hall’s Creek.

Our destination that night was Newhaven Nature Reserve, a mere 134kms off the Tanimi Road. After a brief stop at Tilmouth Roadhouse, and a less than enthusiastic welcome from the guy who served us bad coffee, we turned west towards Newhaven.  We were driving directly into the setting sun, and hence challenging driving on a rough road you don’t know. But, the setting sun turned the hills a stunning bright red and orange, and we arrived in Newhaven just after sunset.

Rob’s meatballs, cauliflower mash and greens were most welcome after a long, hard day.

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