Go east for the cure, Day 19-21/Trip 2019 (Thursday – Saturday, 16-18th May)

Ormiston Gorge – Alice Springs (140kms) – Alice Springs (3 nights)


It was clear that Pete was nursing a flu bug, so we decided to retreat back to Alice Springs.  We went straight to the A&E, and it transpired Peter has a flu virus, and needed to rest for a couple of days.  Certainly, the walk at Standley Chasm had not been helpful. I had been suffering from a sore back/knee for a day, and a Doctor had a quick look, and decided nothing to worry about.  Late that evening, I realized that the pain had worsened, and my leg had swollen below the knee – DVT alert! Back to hospital, where another Doctor decided I might have a DVT, and treated me accordingly.  


Next day, I went back for an Ultrasound scan, which showed no DVT (phew!) but revealed a “Baker’s Cyst”.  Spent a few minutes riffing with the Registrar about ailments named after professions: Housemaid’s knee, Cleryman’s knee (different), Tennis elbow, Brewer’s Droop (no, unless drinking is a profession), and finally back to .. Baker’s Cyst.  Could this possibly be due to a liking for baked goods, not! Turns out a bloke called Baker etc.

In the afternoon, we visited Anzac Hill, then wandered along The Mall and the Todd River.

So, relaxed and in full health (hopefully), we head west again tomorrow.  It runs out we can stick to our original “programme”.

That night, there was a huge thunderstorm, and Pete got washed out of his tent, and spent the night sleeping under the trailer – possibly not the best treatment for flu/cold.


Next day, almost inevitably, it was back to the A&E, and Pete was prescribed antibiotics for an upper-respiratory tract infection. It rained most of the day, and we got a small cabin for the invalid. Pete was happy as he got to watch the Election results programme that night, and we witnessed a huge upset win for the incumbent (il)Liberal/National Party coalition.

Probably the worst “plank” in the world!
Anzac Hill
Todd River
Full moon at sunset
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  1. Lesley Ellis 17/05/2019 at 13:20 #

    Sorry to hear you are not too well. We are enjoying wonderful sunshine here too, but about to get some rain overnight. Will write you an email on things here to cheer you up!


  2. Hamish 17/05/2019 at 19:42 #

    Some great photos, and hope all your combined ailments heal fast so you can continue the adventure ?! H.

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