“At leisure” in Alice Springs, Days 16 & 17/Trip2019 (13-14th May)

Bruce flew out on the 13th May and I was sad to see him go. We had a great time, and created some great memories. Spent the afternoon shopping for food for 10 days, and catching up on my blog.
Peter (Harper) flew in on the 14th May and it was great to see him, even though he did have the beginnings of a cold. The next hour or so was spent at the Post Office and Library applying for a replacement passport for Pete; oh what fun, oh what joy! And, especially as your truly did most of the heavy lifting – filling in the bloody online form. Job done! [He had run out of visa pages after just 2 years, and they no longer issue a larger, frequent traveller passport.]
Had a enjoyable afternoon drinking coffee, and doing last minute shopping before the start of our planned 10-day sojourn “out west”. Lunch and dinner comprised re-heated frozen food that Bruce had previously prepared, and the “chilli” was even better third time round. Thanks Bruce!

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