My new “baby”

3rd May 2018

My new baby, delivered in Melbourne, Thursday, 3rd May. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Judy, who was at the “birth” and stood in for me. The next time you see him (note number plate), he will be all grown up with a bullbar and lots of new stuff under the bonnet. Thanks also to my brother, Robert Harper, who helped co-ordinate things down under. Will give you a closer look soon.

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  1. harperdj 19/03/2019 at 02:03 #

    These comments were first posted by my brothers and me on Facebook.

    Robert Harper Great memories. Feeding Eastern Crimson Rosellas with mum’s chocolate cake. That is highly illegal now.
    Mt Erica walk, camping with Locks on Mccallister River. Good memories. More to create.?

    • David J. Harper Good memories Rob, and I remember coming down through the scrub – not using a track – and our jeans getting absolutely soaked. Will post a photo of a Crimson Rosella, when I take one!
    • Peter Harper ….Aussie loop here we come I navigator with dave Melbourne to Perth leg ….+ chief luggage boy + dishwasher boy …..will be great fun ….Aussie road trips rock

    Peter Harper Dad + peter canoeing down the ….Goulburn river …,bushwalking in Wilson’s prom ….daywalks everywhere ….building boats …camping holidays ….Johnharper just a legend love him so much rip ….legend lives on with daves aussie loop …drop the big ….lol

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