Days 83-87/Trip 2018 (Thursday, 9th – Monday, 13th August)


Preparing Prado and trailer for storage in Darwin for the next 8-9 months before I return for the “next leg”; stayed tuned listeners (readers?).

Gone fishing near Darwin

Military exercises above Darwin, and the noise is awesome. Cue “TopGun” theme tune.

  • Sue Heard Looks good enough to eat!
  • Robert Harper Nice even good photo good styling. Or was that just a fluke?
  • Robert Harper Hope Morna not observing your culinary masterpieces. May be incentive for her to come on next trip
    • David J. Harper Or worse!

Leaving Australia after a wonderful three months discovering my country. With fair winds and following seas, I will be back in April to resume my driveabout.

My strongest impression was how generous people were with their time, advice and assistance.

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