Days 57-60/Trip 2018 (Sat., 14th July – Tues., 17th July)

Broome-Banana Well Getaway (Dampier Peninsular) – Cape Leveque -Broome (450kms)

Head off to the Dampier Peninsular mid-afternoon on the Saturday – too late in truth – and end up driving into a small bushfire as I made my way to the rather idiosyncratic Banana Well Getaway/Camp. The “bushfire” was the result of “controlled burning” but driving along a narrow dirt track with fire on one side, and smoldering trees on the other is disconcerting to say the least. Great welcome at Banana Camp, with the offer of hot damper after supper; too long after/before super as I had headed back to cook dinner. Next day (Sunday), down to “The Creek” along a 4WD track to fish on the high tide; no luck, but a lot of fun wading on the muddy banks, and keeping a lookout for salties. Flushed some brolgas on the way down, which was a first for me. Monday drove north to Cape Leveque, and obtained a permit for the beach, so I could drive and fish. Exciting fly fishing in the surf as I watched the very high tide close in on my car parked “above the water line”. Well, common sense prevailed, and I eventually drove the car off the beach before continuing to fish; finally, got a decent bite, enough said!

North of Broome in remote camp on Dampier Peninsular. Apparently local creek has salties .. I will fly fish there tomorrow for mangrove jacks! Enjoying spaghetti bolognese, salad and glass of red.

  • Ann Gardner Oh the broom, the bonnie bonnie broom …….. are you anywhere near The Carden Knowes ?
    • David J. Harper  I have no idea .. some context please?
    • Ann Gardner Song … Fain would I be in my ain countrie …… herding ma faithers ewes etc.
    • David J. Harper Ann Gardner remains me on a ponytrap ride we did in Killarney where the driver insisted on pointing out broom .. on both sides of the road .. every 100 yards or so .. I can still hear his voice “On my right, brooooom”
    • Ann Gardner Song goes back to 1600’s that’s before Australia went pink!
  • David J. Harper 31C tomorrow, 2 degrees warmer than today!
  • David J. Harper  Exciting drive into this camp past a so-called “controlled burn” at side of road .. looked more like a bushfire to me!
  • Hamish Esslemont I keep reading plenty about your fishing and/ or fly fishing……..but haven’t seen any pictures of fish you have caught …..yet ?! ????
  • Manage
    • David J. Harper watch this/that space!
    • David J. Harper Keep watching this (empty) SPACE!
    • Russell Adams We’re hooked on watching this empty space! ? ? ?

Channelling my father, set jaw and all! Glad to be my father’s son!

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