Day 80/Trip 2018 (Monday, 6th August)

Nourlangie (Burrungkuy) – Cahill’s Crossing

Visited this extraordinary place containing some truly wonderful Aboriginal art, which I will feature in a separate post.  Then, headed north the Cahill’s Crossing, which is on the border with Arnhem Land, that can only be visited under permit. At the crossing – a concrete causeway – with water flowing across it, there were people fishing for barramundi, and saltwater crocs keeping a watchful eye.  Reportedly, at high tide, the barramundi swim/leap upstream into the waiting mouths of the crocodile; and who knows what the fishermen do.

Visited this extraordinary place containing some truly wonderful Aboriginal art. I have no idea about the stories behind this art; I simply enjoyed it as art for its own sake.

  • John Hughes That’s really something! Is the paint original? You would like our rock carvings at Tanum, but their paint is a modern addition so you can make it the carvings more easily.
    • David J. Harper Pigments are mostly of yellow, white and red ochre, with red ochre being used as a chalk to draw on the rock surface in some places.
    • John Hughes So some are modern, and others perhaps very old. I wonder how long such paintings CAN survive in the climate? You’d think an ochre painting would last in Sweden until the next rainstorm!
    • Robert Harper Would be interesting to know which of your photos are taken with Samsung and which with SLR.
    • David J. Harper All of those ones were taken with DSLR on a tripod at ISO100 .. carrying the tripod was a beeach in the heat!
    • Sue Heard Amazing and very different from those in France and Spain
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