Day 77/2018 (Friday, 3rd August)

Gunlom – Maguk – Cooinda (Yellow Waters)

Tried out my drone for the first time – at Gunlom Pool – fun to fly it at last but the video was crap as I was very jerky on controls.  Headed north to do the walk into Maguk (Barramundi) Waterfall – a hot, dusy walk – rewarded with a refreshing swim in a deep, long pool.  Interesting that there were signs along the creek warning of saltwater crocodile (note: misnomer as they live in salt and fresh water, and should properly be called “estuarine crocodiles”).  After lunch, we continued to Cooindi resort, which had a great pool, and crappy unpowered campsites situated a “day’s walk” from the toilet block.

  • Sue Heard Eek you swam there or this is somewhere else? Should have thought sign should read either Human Safety or Beware Crocs!
  • Elisa Muresan Yes, I was thinking: Crocodile Safety?
  • Pam Aselton Hopefully you two are not trying to swim with the crocs
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