Day 76/Trip 2018 (Thursday, 2nd August)

Katherine – Pine Creek – Kakadu NP – Gunlom Campground (200km).

Mid-morning start – well false start – as we had to return to the caravan park to fill our water tanks.  Stopped for a pie (homemade pies advertised) at Pine Creek, and ran into Dave and Jo, which was fun! And, the pies were indeed delicious. Stopped into the (southern) Kakadu NP office, and were advised, among many ideas, to visit Gunlom, and see the pool and falls.  Decided to camp at Gunlom, had a swim in the pool, and then climbed to the top of the falls for sunset photos. Graham joined me a bit later, and he was asked to take some photos by this young man. He then asked for more photos – over here – what the heck – and then the young man dropped to his knee, proposed to his girlfriend, and presented “the ring”.  Very romantic as they had driven 8 hours to be there, and his girlfriend had no idea what was planned. We joined Scott and Brooke for celebratory drinks beside the pool at the top of the falls.

  • Martin Eigenmann Excellent shot Dave?
  • Chris Clifford Just have to love reflections
  • David J. Harper It is a complete pain that this photo was taken with my mobile; why lug around all the heavy, expensive camera gear.
    • Chris Clifford Yes but you took it but agree
    • David J. Harper Chris Clifford on balance, camera still takes better photos but the HDR on my Samsung S9+ is truly outstanding.
    • Chris Clifford Mobile phones have changed the photography world upside down. Agree the big lens cameras are far better and much sharper. But we capture much more with the pocket phones .
  • Martin Eigenmann I am taking most of my pictures with my mobile. For landscapes it is just as good as the big camera. The latter I use for special effects…
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