Day 73/2018 (Monday, 30th July)

El Questro to Kununurra (113kms)

Visited the stunning Emma Gorge on the way to Kununurra. Super walk through a landscape of rocky, dry creekbeds, lush forested valleys, and tricky rocky sections over slabs and big boulders. Ended in the beautiful Emma Falls that drop into a deep pool surrounded by craggy cliffs, and festooned with vegetation. Back on the tarmac after 10 days on corrugated, gravel roads.

Kununurra had its compensations, namely some of the best coffee on the trip at Cornerside Cafe. Stayed at the Discovery Park on Lake Kununurra, that was comfortable enough although quite crowded with small, cramped campsites.

Stunning Emma Gorge at El Questro Station

  • David J. Harper Some of these taken by mobile inside a waterproof – but not very clear – plastic case. Still, nae bad for a that!
  • Lucy Stewart All theses gorges…..Hope you are grading them in some way?! Which is best so far? They all look spectacular.

At Cornerside Cafe, Kununurra, after “surviving” the Gibb River Road; piece of piss really!

  • Coralie Strong Pics are amazing! We’re very jealous aren’t we Brittany Amodeo!!! Australia is on the list!! Hope you are having the best time!
  • Sue Heard Where is your end point for this particular expedition David?
  • David J. Harper Darwin but tempting to keep going!
    • Sue Heard I can imagine; exploration is so enjoyable and a daily challenge. I remember when I went to Spain and France for four months in my venerable Galaxy as my retirement present to myself. If I hadn’t booked the ferry Bilbao to Portsmouth and lost a deal of money by not catching the boat I would have stayed much longer.
  • Peter Harper Well done dave
  • Graham Cottew And his travelling companion … feeling more than a bit scruffy … T-Shirt used to be white!
  • Graham Cottew This was our coffee – no complaints here 🙂

photo cafe

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