Day 70/Trip 2018 (Friday, 27th July)

Home Valley Station

Bindoola Gorge walk .. short 3.8km walk .. no swimming allowed although I doubted there were salties (salt water crocodiles) there. Beautiful pool backed by a rugged cliff that had collapsed in places, creating piles of fractured blocks. Very peaceful and quiet as we were the only ones there. Whistling kite soaring overhead along the escarpment.

Battered barramundi for lunch before heading out on a guided fishing trip by boat with our guide Zac, and 3 other guests. I had the first take (missed) and then the first fish in the boat; about 40cm and not a keeper. Then another at 46cm; limit is 50-90 so again not a keeper! Then, the 16-year-old caught a 58cm fish, and what a fight it put up. The lad was shaking from the adrenaline rush. A good afternoon’s fishing culminating in the setting sun lighting up the Cockburn Range.

Super day even if unable to catch the evening meal.

My third barramundi .. the biggest of the three .. sadly 4cm shy of the 50cm limit for keeping the fish. Caught on the Pentecost River while staying at Home Valley Station. [photo below]

  • Chris Clifford Hungry again tonight
  • Sandy Cooper Out of season when I went to get a licence
  • Hamish Esslemont Finally! But too small to keep ? Use it as bait maybe ? ?
  • Andrew Wade You make it to the Mitchell Falls?
  • David J. Harper Nope, we heard from multiple sources that it was super rough, and lots of vehicles were being badly damaged. May next year .. have decided to go back to the “Gibb”!
    • Andrew Wade I warned you about those people
    • David J. Harper Andrew Wade I know you did mate … laughs .. could hear your voice in my head!

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