Day 64/Trip 2018 (Saturday, 21st July)

Silent Grove Campground (Bell Gorge)

Bell Gorge (spectacular), very busy, lovely walk down the creek to the top pool before climbing down to the next pool, where we swam.  Afternoon relaxing in the hot sun before tackling my first roast with the camp oven, ably advised by Phil from Northern Ireland, who could join the Olympic Talking Team. Excellent roast beef (slightly overdone but delicious) with roast potatoes, pumpkin and carrots.  30 mins a for 500g too much for the beef, better 20-25. Potatoes should have gone on 45 mins before end, and not 30! After realizing that we had badly under-catered on the booze front, I spent an enjoyable hour scrounging booze round the campsite, and meeting many friendly and generous people.  Best moment was when the wife was sure they still had a bottle of gin (after doing most of Gibb), and then the admission from her husband that he may have finished the gin!

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