Day 6/Trip 2108 (24th May 2018)

Fowlers Bay-Nundroo-Nullabor (Roadhouse)-Border Village (400kms)

Early start to tackle the sand dunes of Fowlers Bay, and out first proper off road driving.  Deflated the tires from 35psi to 20psi, and headed up the dunes. Super fun with a few hairy moments, and a couple of places where we needed two tries to get up.  The trick is to keep the momentum high, stay in hi-range as far as possible, disengage track control, and use low “manual” gears (even with automatic gearbox). Reached a beautiful beach stretching west into the distance (Scotts Beach), and enjoyed a wander across the rocks.  Returned to campsite, packed, and off to local cafe for the obligatory coffee. A “local” suggested we should drive the length of Scotts Beach, and we did all the way to “Mexicans Hat”; simply glorious – blues skies, azure seas, white sands and sunshine. Stopped at Nundroo to reinflate tyres (using our portable compressor), and made acquaintance of couple touring Australia in a gipsy van towed by a tractor. Headed west towards Nullabor, and the start of the Nullabor plains. Brief detour north from Nullabor to see the Murrawijinie caves (1, 2 and 3), although only 3 was accessible.  Scrambled down into 3, and think we found some aboriginal carvings. Another late afternoon “yomp” to reach the border of South and Western Australia. Happy to glamp in a motel after a long eventful day.

The day as it unfolded:

2-wheeled versus many wheels, who will win the “shoot out at Nundroo”?

  • Chris Clifford Road train
  • Mandy Brent-Houghton I see you have left glamping behind. What a shame Margaret missed experiencing it. I am sure it would have converted her to camping. Someone else doing the cooking,washing and cleaning up, sheets on the bed and Australia’s contribution to civilized camping the no smell compostable drop toilet.
  • Helle Lauridsen Is that a truck?
  • David J. Harper That is a bloody big truck with 2 trailers, a so-called “road train”.

On the “gipsy caravan”:

  • Shelley Mansfield A tractor … seriously? I wonder how many ks they do a day?
  • Alistair Emslie That is cool David
  • Sue Heard Given the flash floods they get on the north coast I guess this is a solution but not the quietest transport.

Reached Western Australia border, and still 1900kms to go!

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