Day 54/Trip 2018 (Wednesday, 11th July)

Port Hedland – 80 mile Beach (254 kms)

Breakfast down near the docks of Port Hedland, and watching the iron ore huge ships loading at Port Hedland. Overnight stop in 80 mile beach caravan park, and rewarded with a beautiful sunset, and amazingly bright Milky Way.

Port Hedland is they where they ship a bit of iron ore, and the destination for many of the iron ore trains we saw. Take a look at the shipments for one day .. and the destination countries. Mindblowing! Then, take a look at what is needed to produce a tonne of pig iron .. 5 tonnes of air!!!

  • Sandy Cooper When I was across there the Chinese had bought into a lot of mining companies and the quarries. At least they are letting Japan have a little bit!
  • Hamish Esslemont It’s not just Australia where the Chinese have invested heavily in mining……..?? Haven’t they bought a lot of Aussie cattle stations too ?
    • David J. Harper And Chinese take away restaurants, I understand 🙂
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