Day 53/Trip 2018 (Tuesday, 10th July)

Tom Price – Hamersley Gorge – Wittenoom – Auski – Port Hedland (417 kms)

Another visit to the amazing Hamersley Gorge, and then onwards with some trepidation to the old asbestos mining town of Wittenoom. Later, at Auski Roadhouse/Village, met “Trev the cyclist”, who had a story or five to tell. Incidentally, “Auski” has nothing to do with skiing, self-evidently(!), and refers to the original owners, a bunch of AUStralians and KIwis! Then, north to the iron ore shipping port of Port Hedland.

Wittenoom, ghost town (well, 4 inhabitants or possibly families), once the centre of a thriving asbestos mining operation. Evidently, the inhabitants were not so thriving!

At Auski, met an eccentric old guy riding a bike round WA for past N years: wild appearance, keen intellect, storyteller .. and I was so struck with the similarities to my friend, Trevor Hales (who persists in the cyber world) and who recently passed away. And, remarkably, the cyclist’s name was Trev!

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