Day 48/Trip 2018 (Thursday, 5th July)

Coral Bay

Great day exploring 4WD tracks around Coral Bay, visited Oyster Bridge, The Lagoon, and Five Finger Reef. Fly fishing at last place, and noticed these guys stuck on beach with incoming tide. Loaned them my Maxtrax and they got off the beach, and gave them back to me at the caravan park. See video below to get an idea of 4WD around Coral bay.

  • John Hughes
  • Sue Heard Good deed for the day; not a good feeling being stuck with the tide coming in I should imagine 😉
  • Robert Harper I agree with Sue reminds me of time in South …forget it . Anyhow always a good day when you can save a poor soul. Our Dad specialized in helping people. Must be in the genes, Dave.
  • David J. Harper Yes, I recall your (escap)ad(e) on the beach story 😉

Heading into Oyster Bridge and The Lagoon.
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