Day 40-46/Trip 2018 (Wednesday, 27th June -Tuesday, 3rd July)

Karratha – Perth – Karratha (by air)

[Trying to catch up with my blog, hence the multi-day post!]

Dropped Prado off for 10K kms service at 7AM at the wrong branch of Pilbara Toyota, but they sorted it out, and fixed a bunch of small teething problems, and stored the car for the week I was away in Perth. The flight south traversed much of the ground we had covered on our trip north. It was fantastic to see “The Pilbara” from the air, and in particular to see the amazing river systems in such an apparently dry land.

Spent a couple of days in Perth showing Duncan round, then seeing him off home to Scotland. Sad to see him go as I enjoyed our trip very much. Then, a few more days in Perth R&R before returning to Karratha. Highlight of the trip to Perth was a day trip to Rottnest with Duncan, and an opportunity to see quokkas (and possibly take a quokka-selfie if that’s you thing; bloody hard to do I can tell you!)

Recommended eateries: Sentinel Bar for dinner, all day breakfast with excellent coffee at “Rubra on the Swan”, sushi at “Jaws Sushi” in East Perth, and Wok and Ladle for excellent Thai food in unpretentious surroundings.

Sushi in Perth .. crazy after being “in the bush” .. recommended “Jaws Sushi”.

Bush(y) tucker, perhaps?
  • Chris Clifford Life returns to normal!!
  • Robert Harper I think he’s missing Uncle Robs cooking. The sushi reminds me of a sailing trip Sydney to Melbourne. We rounded Wilsons Prom and sailed into a forecast gale escaping to safety of Walkerville. Once we secured the boat in the calm waters, the crew were very impressed when I emerged from the gallery with a big platter of fresh sushi I had prepared during the sail to safety.
  • Sushi, crisps and beer at sunset. Now that’s memorabe.
    • David J. Harper  We are both missing your cooking mate. If I recall, you were terribly seasick as well .. so even more memorable and amazing.
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