Day 4/Trip 2018 (22nd May 2018)

Port Augusta-Iron Knob-Kimba-Minnipa-Streaky Bay (410kms)

Brilliant day as we drove away from the coast into the flatlands of the Eyre Peninsula, and into beautiful sunny blue skies.  Iron Knob (yes, yes!), hove into view – essentially a huge outcropping of iron ore. First stop, Kimba, which is halfway across Australia (apparently), and the site of the famed “Big Galah”.  Fittingly, two big galahs had their photos taken by another galah, who didn’t know how to frame a shot. Onward, to Minnipa, a fitting location for an “end of days” film. We asked the local lass in the milkbar if they had an serial killings in the area; not to her knowledge.  She directed us – wrongly – to the Pildappa Rock, which we found eventually. Amazing mini-Uluru – beautiful in the late afternoon sun. Final stop, Streaky Bay, and its excellent Islands Caravan Park; great laundry (4 washers, 2 dryers).

Comment on driving and landscape by Mary Laing: It looks a really desolate landscape. Must be hard to stay awake when driving, especially if it gets hot. Hope you’re drinking lots of fluids!

Comments on Pildappa Rock

  • Siobhan Ui Nuallain Is that man made?
  • Sue Heard I would guess it was natural but widened by humans later
  • Ian Halliday I’m not sure if this is a hole on a flat rock or a round window on the side of a huge rock?
  • Astrid Carigiet Looks amazing
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