Day 39/Trip 2018 (Tuesday, 26th June 2018)

Dampier – Karratha – Burrup Peninsula – Deep Gorge (rock art) – Dampier

Much of the morning doing final preparations for leaving the camper trailer for a week, including converting fridge to fridge freezer, and sourcing a repairer for the tent fly.  The repairer I found said his minimum rate was AUD50, but that he would do it for a “slab of Emu Export” (that ended up costing me AUD60). Paid my speeding fine from Cape Range National Park, had a reviving coffee, and bought some locks for the trailer.

After lunch, Duncan and I went to the Burrup Peninsula in search of the famed Aboriginal rock art.  We turned off the road to the NW Shelf (gas) Terminal, and saw the turnoff to “Deep Gorge”. We had a chuckle – there had been an ongoing joke between Rob and I on all things deep – including “deep storage”.  Anyway, decided we would go there afterwards. We then explored various 4WD tracks looking for the bloody rock art, and enjoyed seeing kangaroos, bee-eaters, many rocks but no art! In desperation, we decided to ask at the NW (gas) Shelf Visitors Centre further up the Burrup Peninsula.  No worries she said, back along the road, they are at Deep Gorge! You can’t miss them – take left track from the car park. Needless to say, we did miss them initially until we spotted a wonderful image of a kangaroo high up in the rocks, and then the images jumped out at us – goannas, turtles, snakes, birds, emus, emu tracks, and so on.  So glad we persisted, and found this amazing place with the even more amazing art.

Postscript: Burrup peninsula rock art: Western Australia to seek world heritage listing

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