Day 37/Trip 2018 (Sunday, 24th June 2018)

Dampier – Millstream National Park – Dampier (325kms)

First stop in Millstream NP was Mt Herbert, a relatively underwhelming bump on a slightly bumpy landscape.  That said, the views from the top were spectacular, with conical hills protruding from a flat plain in the distance.  Picnicked at Python Pool, which was fortunately sans pythons. After lunch, continued onto Deep Reach pool at Chichester NP for a swim, but decided against as the water was cloudy and uninviting. Interesting wetlands with birds such as pheasant coucals. Visited the old Homestead, a grand colonial style house with wide verandahs, and iron roof.  Walked to the nearby Jirndawurrunha Pool through stand of palm trees; the pool itself was very still and tranquil, and you could understand why it had special significance for the Aboriginal people who lived here (Yinjibarndi).

This is how long an iron ore train in the Pilbara is … [if anyone is having a sleepless night, how many wagons are there?]

  • Chris Clifford Did you count then I think 200
    • David J. Harper No, but that was my rough guess after watching 30 seconds of the video.
    • Alan Smeaton 240, excluding the engines at the front, but Jeez mate, hold the bloody camera still will ya, I’m dizzy looking at it 😉
    • Chris Clifford David’s still in training
  • Lucy Stewart WOW. That is quite something. Must be very strong engines- I expected to see one shunting at the end as well. (Incidentally this film did a very good job of calming down a screaming 1 yr old so thanks 🙂 )
    • David J. Harper I must remember that next time I feel like screaming 😉 Yes, incredibly strong .. two at front .. empty wagons.
  • Julia Wainwright Wow! Imagine how long the station platform needs to be ?
  • Mark Sanderson Astonishing
  • Mark Sanderson “Each carriage holds around 100 tonnes and the trains are up to 2.4 kilometres long. A fully loaded train weighs nearly 30,000 tonnes and, in today’s market, would net around $1.37 million (U.S) in iron ore sales.”…/pilbara-iron-ore-train…
  • Pilbara iron ore train counting challenge stumps the internet
  • Peter Harper Shit loads
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