Day 36/Trip 2018 (Saturday, 23rd June 2018)

Dampier/ Karratha

Got up early as Rob leaving.  Quick trip to hospital – as you do – to have chest infections looked at – viral (says Dr) – so head to chemist for more over-the-counter remedies.  Quick breakfast in Karratha before dropping Rob at the airport for his flight at 9AM-ish. Sad to see him go and indebted to him for advice and guidance on all things 4WD and camping, and possibly, too, for his never-ending stream of advice on health and hygiene matter (joking Rob, but we did occasionally “double dip” after you left).  Did bugger all for the rest of the day, apart from burgers at the Dampier Burger Bus – damn good!

Karratha: the end of a long and dusty road.
Unbelievably fast development!

The famous “Red Dog”
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