Day 34/Trip 2018 (Thursday, 21st June 2018)

Karijini National Park – Dales Gorge (Fortesque Falls and pool, Fern Pool, and Circular Pool) – Kalamina Falls and Gorge

We were staying in the west part of the park, so we headed east to the Dales Gorge area.  Enjoyed amazing views into Dales Gorge, which was surprisingly wide, tree-ed! and verdant. Then down to Fortesque Falls and Pool, and had a refreshingly dip.  Followed Rob up to Fern Pool, where he was giving some people instruction on how to use their by-now 18 month old camera! Fern Pool is very tranquil with a small waterfall trickling into it.  The vegetation in the valley was almost tropical. Duncan explored Dales Gorge and Circular Pool, and Rob and I had lunch. Waited and waited … then I went in search of Duncan .. asking various people if they had seen a bearded Scot in green t-shirt.  Reunited with Duncan, we went to the lookout overlooking Circular Pool. Various people came up to introduce themselves to the by-now-famous Duncan. Late afternoon we explored the Kalamina Gorge, and its red walls, still pools, and small waterfall. Duncan walked the length of the gorge, and returned after nightfall to the carpark.

Kalamina Gorge in the late afternoon.
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