Day 33/Trip 2018 (Wednesday, 20th June 2018)

Karijini National Park – Joffre Lookout, Oxer Lookout, Handrail Pool, Hancock Gorge

Out early to Joffre Lookout for (after) sunrise, and spent some time on the cliff tops photographing Joffre Falls.

Spent rest of day around the Weano Recreation Area, and first stop was Oxer Lookout, with spectacular views into Hancock Gorge.  Then we headed into Handrail Pool, which involved a steep descent into the gorge, followed by some tricky shuffles along the edge of the creek, which proved challenging with camera and tripod.  The ranger convinced me to leave the tripod behind before the final push into the pool. This involved hand over hand using a handrail into a beautiful pool, where Duncan and I had a swim in the quite chilly water.

After lunch, it was time for Hancock Gorge, with another steep descent involving a final climb down 2 ladders. We then climbed along the gorge above the water, desperately trying not to fall in.  One section involved a bridging move above the creek, and then edging around a very slippery set of rocks above Kermit Pool. It was fun watching the guiding climbers – fully equipped with helmets etc – fall into the pool.  It was even more fun watching Duncan do it later 🙂 The laugh was on on me as my dry clothes in his pack were less than dry afterwards. We then decided to basically swim back along the gorge.

Great reaction to this post, and the photos and videos that follow:

  • Peter Harper Guys be careful
  • Bill Mrachek Amazing; you know me; do you think I could handle such a place??
  • Penny Pentland OMG amazing and a wee bit terrifying. Those sandstone terraces make for some interesting climbing but they can be so slippery and dangerous when wet. Mind how you go. What an extraordinary place.
    • John Marquet Baby, please don’t go!
  • John Hughes Wow! Looks like a place you wouldn’t want to be caught in a rainstorm!
    • Sue Heard And if the head of the catchment is at a distance you might not even get any warning ?
  • Lucy Stewart This is amazing! I love the colours. We are really enjoying seeing your photo and following the travels – very inspiring! Need to teach baby H to swim….
  • Mashhuda Glencross Looks beautiful!
  • Shelley Mansfield Wonderful place and wonderful pics David J. Harper. It will be on my wish list.
  • David J. Harper Glad to hear you are all inspired to explore this amazing country; feeling very fortunate to have this opportunity.
  • Cornelia Keilholz Oh! I loved this place!

Duncan directs operations on way to handrail Pool

Swimming out seemed sensible after falling in!
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