Day 3/Trip 2018 (21st May 2018)

Hahndorf-Adelaide City-Adelaide airport-Snowtown-Port Augusta (350kms)

After a wander around Hahndorf, we headed into Adelaide for a bit of drive-by tourism. Visited Telstra shop to “discuss” the latest Telstra outage-outrage, namely a total mobile network outage – incredible for a so-called national telecoms provider. Dropped Jackaroo off at the airport where we bade him a fond farewell. North to Snowtown, with hundreds of windmills dominating the hills to the west (see photo of “The Big Blade”, Snowtown). Snowtown was the site of Australia’s largest serial killings, and scene of recent accurate re-enactment (see photo). Final push into Port Augusta against a blinding afternoon sun. Motel-style glamping! Note: Some of the “architectural photos” are by Peter.

The day as it unfolded:

Driving towards Port Augusta into the hard afternoon sun. Excellent views across this flat, agricultural land. Visited Snowtown, SA earlier, scene of Australia’s worst serial killings. And, delicious chocolate milkshakes!

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  1. harperdj 19/03/2019 at 17:46 #
    • John Marquet I’m detecting a pattern here – you’re travel-looping and a key national mobile network goes down. Freelancing for Baidu? Maybe I’ll contact the national security hotline….unless you bribe me with your presence sometime in Melbourne.
    • Shelley Mansfield I travelled to Port Augusta many times when my boys were young David J. Harper. I don’t know if you or Peter remember my sister-in-law Judy Brumby or my brother Rod McRedmond, but Rod was a Royal Flying Doctor pilot based in Port August for many years.

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