Day 29/Trip 2018 (Saturday, 16th June 2018)

Coral Bay – Exmouth – Yardie Station Caravan Park (186kms)

Early start, and saying farewell to Cynthia, Ellen and Steffi, who we had first met at Monkey Mia, and who were staying in Coral Bay Caravan Park. North to Exmouth past many termite mounds, and the ranges of “Cape Range” to the west. Dropped into the marina and “Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort” for a coffee, before a session of “retail therapy” in Exmouth, were we bought some fly fishing lures, snorkelling gear, and more fishing gear. The guys at Tackle World Exmouth were super helpful, and setup my two rods (which I had not purchased in the shop!).  Fish and chips for lunch, before driving to Yardie Station, just north of Cape Range N.P. Rounded off the day with fly fishing in the Indian Ocean at sunset. Caught some smallish fish but released them.

  • Mary Laing Nice moon and star! Like the photo very much.
  • Hamish Esslemont I take it you failed to catch anything , apart for a great photo ?! ?
    • David J. Harper How can I put this .. f.o.!
  • Shelley Mansfield Brilliant pic David. You’re living the dream.
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