Day 28/Trip 2018 (Friday, 15th June 2018)

Coral Bay

Perfect day for a boat trip – warm, sunny and blue skies.  We opted for the Nature Cruise organized by Coral Bay Caravan Park.  The day comprised: snorkelling on the reef, swimming with Manta Rays, lunch, and a final free snorkel in shallower water.  Highlights included: turtles, reef sharks, two manta rays in a breeding chain (male following a female, what else!), and stunning corals including brain coral, staghorn, and others.  Interesting that a spotter plane was used to spot the manata rays, and we were then dropped off the boat just in front of the rays. After that, it was swim like mad to keep up with them, and enjoy these majestic animals.

Duncan and I enjoyed the sunset of the local beach, and I took a few photos.

After dinner, we had a few settling beers in the pub.  Rob was thrilled to learn it was owned by “Bill the Orthodontist”.

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