Day 26/Trip 2018 (Wednesday, 13th June 2018)

Gnarlaroo (3 mile camp), south part of Ningaloo Reef Park.

Early walk to the shore – 300m – to check out fishing and watch the surfers do their thing. Then, a lovely day driving south along the coast, snorkelling, fishing, photographing and chilling out.   Fishing from the rocks proved challenging, and a number of lures were lost. Back to the station, and another wonderful meal by Rob – spag bol – “how much would you pay for this” (something Mum used to say, suspect she could have been a character in “The Castle”).

Turns out our fire was illegal – using native (dead) timber – who would know, and we were asked to “turn in” our wood. But, we did light a warming fire anyway, put the rest of the wood on the trailer next morning, and dumped it back in the bush.

  • Hamish Esslemont All these fines for breaking various laws……however, no surprise there, as “criminal” acts are deeply imbedded in your Aussie genes ?! ??
  • Sue Heard I wondered why your timber for your fire was illegal, was this because you were in a NP? I googled it and this is what came up ‘Dead wood and hollows in old trees provides (sic) habitats for various animals and fungi. Rotting wood provides ideal sites for the establishment of some other plants. If dead wood is collected as firewood, habitat is lost’ ……. and also phosphorus from the rotting wood isn’t returned to the soil. So there you go!
    • David J. Harper No, we collected the firewood outside the NP. The local council/area has decided to ban collection of dead timber for the reasons you give. And, it also acts to hold the soil in one place. So, I guess that is fair enough.

Quobba Point – Blowhole.

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