Day 25/Trip 2018 (Tuesday, 12th June 2018)

Carnarvon – Blowhole – Gnaraloo (190 kms)

Started day with coffee down near harbour where we witnessed WW3 between a German couple – poor things! Washed the car. After an interminable morning shopping for things I didn’t realize I needed – until Rob told me – we left Carnarvon. These things included: keysafe for car keys; windshield for cooker, snorkelling gear, etc.  We fixed a water thingie under the camper trailer that really didn’t need fixing. Yes, a hohum kinda day until we reached the blowholes at Quobba Point. Absolutely awesome with an incredible roaring as the water was forced 10s of metres into the air. On the way into Ningaloo, we stopped to collect firewood, which we strapped to the top of the trailer.  After a challenging drive over a rough unmade road, we reached 3-mile camp at Gnaraloo Station. Rob cooked at amazing roast lamb dinner using the camp oven, where the oven is placed on the hot coals, and hot coals are heaped on top. [Next day, we were told that collecting firewood locally and also burning it, was illegal. Still, it cooked the roast magnificently. The convict spirit is alive and well!]

Boys on tour, Carnarvon, sun shining, life is good! [WW3 just over the road!]

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