Day 24/Trip 2018 (Monday, 11th June 2018)

Hamelin Station – Monkey Mia – Francois Peron NP –  Denham – Eagle Bluff – Hamelin Station – Overlander Roadhouse – Carnavan (514 kms)

Up early, to see the dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia, which was underwhelming and the entrance fees extortionate (avoid).  That said, the place itself was beautiful in the morning sun, with palm trees and golden sands. Headed in the Francois Peron N.P., where Duncan and I swam at Big Lagoon, and Rob headed off to take photos from a nearby vantage point.  We drove round the meet him, climbed the red dunes, and the view was awful – Rob swimming in the altogether. Actually, the view was spectacular – no, not of Rob! Picnic lunch at Denham, where yours truly had a bit of a meltdown – enough said – apologies tendered later and accepted. Stopped at Eagle Bluff, and saw dolphins and a stingray from the cliff top.  After a quick stop to see the Stromatolites (thanks for the suggestion, Jenny Gawne), we headed back to Station to pack. Then, a long drive into the dusk/dark to Carnarvan. This, enlivened by realizing after turning north on HIghway 1, that we would probably run out of fuel, so 20kms back to Overland Roadhouse for fuel and food.

Stromatolites (adapted from Wikipedia): Stromatolites or stromatoliths are layered mounds, columns, and sheet-like sedimentary rocks that were originally formed by the growth of layer upon layer of cyanobacteria, a single-celled photosynthesizing microbe.

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