Day 22/Trip 2018 (Saturday, 9th June 2018)

Geraldton-Northampton-Pink Lake-Island Rock-Kalbari-Eagle Lookout-Billabong-Hamelin (436km)

Visited the impressive HMAS Sydney II memorial in Geraldton. Short story: 1941, Second World War.  Sydney approached close to a merchantman that turned out to be a camouflaged German raider, the Kormoran.  Kormoran’s gunfire immediately disabled the Sydney that subsequently sank with the loss of all 645 crew. Kormoran also sank but most of the crew were rescued, and interned in Australia.  The wreck of the “Sydney” was not found until 2008.

Next stop was Northampton, where we met this delightful lady on a Country Women’s Association cake stall outside IGA. She hailed originally from Canada.  Rob told her about Mum’s heroic cake baking efforts for our local church. We bought some delicious pumpkin soup, and naturally cakes for our morning tea.

North to Kalbarri, and the famed coastal cliffs south of there.  We visited the “Island Rock” cliffs, and the cloud (rain!) atmospherics were beautiful in the late afternoon light.  Rob encouraged me to use my new Nisi filters for the first time, and I was surprised how easy they were to use, once I remembered to use manual settings (thanks Rob).

A short stop in Kalbarri where I chatted to locals fishing at the entrance of the Murchison River.  The women showed me their fishing rigs. For obvious reason, I would liked to have stayed and fish but we headed off. Another brief stop at Eagle Lookout with spectacular views of the red cliffs in the low afternoon sun. Quite beautiful.

The sun set as we drove north towards Shark Bay, and our destination near Hamelin Pools.  Stopped on the road – in the last rays of the sun – for sandwiches and instant noodles – which was pretty damned good when you are hungry.

After a monumental day, we arrived late at Hamelin Station where we set up the camper and tents in the pitch black, with the “Milky Way” providing a stunning backdrop. Then, we cooked a huge pot of Thai green curry, orchestrated by Rob, and assisted by Duncan and Dave.

Truly a big day of big moments, and big skies.

Little known fact about Geraldton: Sam Johnson spent his last two years of his school(ing) there!

Sue Heard: Classic coastal cliff erosion, stacks and arches

No photo description available.

Duncan at Chinamans Point, Kalbarri.

Eagle Lookout , Murchison River.

Eagle Lookout , Murchison River.
  • Mary Laing Australia- desert, crocs and snakes is what I think of. Keep safe on your travels.
    • David J. Harper No crocs here to my knowledge, but doubtless acres of snakes!
  • Sue Heard Difficult to do just from a photo without seeing the rocks in situ. They look like highly lithified sandstone and an outcrop as the drop across the river is marked. It reminds me of an ancient coast with rocky cliffs to the right and beach to the left but this is just a guess?
  • David J. Harper Good job .. read on [see next photo]:
  • Sue Heard Interesting! I followed the ‘Duck’ principle, if it looks like a paleocoast then it may well be …..
Geology of Murchison River.

HFS … exercise for the reader … courtesy of Rob. Everywhere you look!

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