Day 21/Trip 2018 (Friday, 8th June 2018)

Cervantes-Pinnacles NP-Cevantes-Jurien Bay-Dongara-Geraldton (256km)

Early morning to catch the sunrise at the Pinnacles Discovery Park; Rob and I spent a couple of hours photographing, ably assisted by our native Scottish bearer, Duncan. Rob and I reprised Billy Connolly’s famous run in the Pinnacles Park, and I have video evidence of our exploits.  Offers of drink will secure release of this “sealed section” footage (not for the faint-hearted). Back to the campsite, where we packed to the evident amusement of our caravanners, some of whom thought we were having a jumble sale.

We headed north and picnicked at Julien Bay, start of the aply named Turquoise Coast.  Duncan and I took the opportunity for a swim. It was Aussie cold but Scottish “nae bad”, and we swam for about 15 minutes.

Arrived Geraldton, where we managed to pick up a spare trailer tyre cheaply.  Decided to glamp – stayed in cabin – after a full-on day. Rob cooked an excellent steak dinner, Duncan and I fetched the beer and wine.

Geological note from Sue Heard; The “pinnacles” are shelly ventrifracts and evidence of a former sea [David: which was known to cover much of the centre of Australia.]

  • Lucy Stewart These are amazing. What’s going on geologically?
  • Lucy Stewart Limestone / lime rich sand from seashells blown inland.
    • The pinnacles are either:
      A) solutional pipes ie drips of water have drawn calcium together to make the calcrete columns that then get filled in more and more
      B ) casts of tree trunks similarly drawing solution towards them and solidifying
      C) smaller plant roots doing the same kind of thing.
      A or B seems most likely. C happens in Africa but not proven here.
      Very unusual!
  • David J. Harper  Lucy Stewart thanks so much .. shattered from lots of travelling.
  • Hamish Esslemont Glamping ?! Your whole rig qualifies as that anyway ?! ??
    • David J. Harper Funnily enough, or not, it is fairly hard work .. but that is probably because we are trying to fit too much into each day. We need to “calm the fuck down” 🙂
    • Sue Erskine Common mistake of the erstwhile traveller. Sensory overload – remember – Life is too short to go fast!
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