Day 20/Trip 2018 (Thursday, 7th June 2018)

Perth (airport) – Guilderton – Lancelin – Cervantes (242kms)

The next part of “the loop” begins.  Duncan and I were up very early to pack the Prado and camper trailer, and what a ghastly job that proved in the torrential rain.  And, Duncan reminding me repeatedly that they were having a brilliant summer in Scotland. And then, off to pick up Robert at the airport.  Hugs and photos all round, before heading north across the Swan River for a hearty breakfast.

First proper stop was Guilderton, named after 40 17th-century silver guilder coins found in the sandhills near the entrance to the Moore River. The coins were thought to be from the wreck of the Dutch ship, the Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon). The town was originally known as Gabbadah, an Aboriginal term meaning “mouthful of water”, and the photos show this (source Wikipedia).  Some locals told us the Moore Rover was a meeting point for two aboriginal tribes, who met to trade and dance.

Next stop was Lancelin, and the opportunity to exercise our sand driving skills.  Well, I say driving but, in my case, more like digging skills. Anyway, after Rob showed me how, we were soon charging up, over and down some wonderful dunes – yes, yes – no animals were harmed in the making of the videos (later).  

Finally, to Cervantes for a night camping in the rain and cold, and a decent seafood platter in the tavern.  And, I was we went for a walk afterwards along the beach, and got absolutely soaked before heading early to bed.

And so our trip begins, and like drowned rats we flee the good ship Perth. As Duncan says, this is proper rain, unlike that miserable Scottish drizzle. Indeed, a dreich day! To add insult to injury, the weather in Scotland is gloriously sunny. We packed the roof-top bag and trailer in this shit, and now we are off to pick up Robert. [See comments following photo.]

Drowned rats fleeing Perth.
  • John Schulz A bit of glamping to begin, eh?
  • Elisa Muresan Isn’t it better than as dry as dingo’s balls?
    • David J. Harper The expression is “as dry as a dead dingo’s donger”, and yes, much prefer the dingo than the rat situation.
    • John Marquet So, it’s a huddle of Harpers! Or maybe puddle…
    • Elisa Muresan Thank you for the clarification, David J Harper. I always wondered the relationship between dingos, dryness, and their balls.
  • Peter Harper Safe travels
  • Hamish Esslemont Please inform Duncan that his dog is a regular visitor to our house ( with Morna of course ) and is steadily eating his way through my stash of dog biscuits ! Still no rain here, just lovely sunny days……??

Lucy Stewart: We are indeed having an amazing Scottish summer.

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