Day 17/Trip 2018 (Monday, 4th June 2018)

Challenging night ahead … as my grandma used to say “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” .. and so it proves. Dismantled tent and packed all gear in the car, and large items under the trailer. Decided to risk keeping the trailer annex up, but did reduce height of all poles, and checked all guy ropes and pegs. So, I lie here and await the Wicked Witch from the West (WWW) … yes, just a tad apprehensive.

Credit: ABC (from above web site)

So, now I know what it feels like to buy (almost) everything on a list of food/ingredients compiled by Robert Harper for our 3 week trip. I am shattered and my wallet is considerably lightened. The photos show just the groceries; the meat fills the freezer in the back of the car. Seriously concerned that the car may not take the strain. But, then, I recall the behemoths being towed around, and realize everything is tickety-boo!

Having a pizza and coffee to recover, and thus undoing any of the effects of the yoga this morning.

I am reminded of this classic advert …

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