Day 16/Trip 2018 (Sunday, 3rd June 2018)

Modern camping, by an international traveller, look and weep! That said, I do appear to have USB charging covered.

  • Robert Harper Where will the paying guests sleep when office in full swing?
    • David J. Harper  Paying? Aren’t they bringing swags?
  • Robert Harper One word Ugg.
    • John Schulz Bogan boots!
  • Robert Harper ………..
  • Robert Harper ….boots
  • Sandy Cooper Looks like you have all the bases covered!
  • Peter Harper Note the Aussie ugg sheep boots super warm
    • David J. Harper .. and the Guests 4WD sticker
  • Elisa Muresan Solar panel battery packs?
    • David J. Harper Have a 200W solar “blanket” for charging main 12v batteries when I am off the grid.
    • Elisa Muresan Dave, you rock! Am following….

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make you happy, and having exactly the right number of clothes pegs is a bonus. Perth in winter is pretty damned good too!

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