Day 14/Trip 2018 (Friday, 1st June)

I bid a fond farewell to Peter Harper this morning at 4:45-freaking-AM. It was fun travelling with my youngest brother even given he is a very reluctant tourist. It was fun recalling things about our parents, and often things the other didn’t know or had forgotten. It turns out that Mum, Pete and I all hate(d) the feel of rain on our heads; who would have guessed?

Peter Harper Dave was a great trip with u …great fun ..thanks so much for the opportunity of being part of daves big aussie loop [Note: even Pete has adopted the “big” adjective!]

Celebrating my first successful setting up of the Patriot X1 camper trailer, in the time-honoured Aussie fashion with a beer, cooled in my own fridge, obviously! Sun shining, maggies calling in the background, rosellas clattering through the trees .. perfect.

OK, so camping … finished dinner, no campfire, pitch black and pretty damned cold .. what is a man to do? Well, normally, I would opt for a swiftie at the local, but .. it has been a long, long day. So, it is almost bedtime for me. I can see why campers get up so early …they have been sleeping for 10 hours, and it’s only 7AM 🙂

Why a long day .. let’s just say Peter’s flight departed Perth at 6:25A-bloody-M! Yes, repeating myself, I know!

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